About Us

About Us

Keestar Industries Co., Ltd (KEESTAR or KIC) is leading manufacturer of bag closing machine, bag making sewing machine, automatic heavy duty sewing system and walking foot sewing machine world widely.

KEESTAR has been focus on developing advanced sewing technology since our establishment. We have developed variety sewing systems for many applications include filled bag open top closing, woven bag making, FIBC(Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers) seaming, sails manufacturing and repairing, slings and lashing straps, safety harness and ropes, buffing wheel and polishing wheel, shoes and footwear, sofas and automotive upholstery, carpet and rugs, net and mesh, saddles & harness and other seamed products.

KEESTAR holds leading market share in world market for bag closing machine (system) and automatic heavy duty sewing system, and FIBC sewing machine are widely applied by many world class FIBC factories.


In the past years, KEESTAR developed many world-first technology and know-how such as:
1.High safety grade control system for bag closing pedestal(Year 2011)
2.Upper feed system basing on DN-2 bag sewing machine (Year 2012)

3.“Easy link” for pneumatic system installation of heavy duty sewing machine (Year 2012)
4.Twin-needle left hand bag sewing machine head for auto-bag sewing line (Year 2013)
5.“knock-down” mounted system for bag closing pedestal(Year 2014)






KEESTAR could serves customers through more than 40 overseas official KEESTAR dealers, we can offer all kinds of information anywhere and at anytime. And we are always ready to develop to meet the constantly changing needs of the customers.